The Food Box is a trendy new destination that attracts food goers from all walks of life. The food scene is shifting and food lovers are moving towards artisan products with offerings that serve fresh, innovative dishes that create a sense of wanderlust.

The Food Box gives the public exactly that: it merges fashion, food and music culture from around the globe creating an inclusive vibrant atmosphere under one roof. It is a collective of creative minds and a showcase of local talent. It is a popular hangout for Fashionistas, bloggers and influencers.  During the week, The Food Box serves as a unique offering for lunch time traffic attracting entrepreneurs and employees for either a work lunch or business meetings.

The Food Box is an innovative concept that allows local Durban talent to prosper, affording our vendors an opportunity to showcase their creative skills by incubating their entrepreneurial dreams and giving them access to a fully developed restaurant set up. This creative concept combines the vibrancy of a food market and the professionalism of a commercial establishment. The Food Box gives entrepreneurs the ability to create a sustainable and thriving business, whilst building a trendy and socially conscious brand.

The Food Box merges fashion, food and music culture from around the globe creating an inclusive vibrant atmosphere under one roof.

Today’s generation understands the importance of being socially aware. The environment has been impacted by far-from-conscious practices which have led to the degradation of our biomes. It is key that our impact on communities and surrounding areas is a positive one, sewing seeds that one day will bear fruit.

At The Food Box, we are not only socially aware but also socially responsible. One Fifty Capital has implemented state-of-the-art waste management initiatives which aim to lower carbon footprints by promoting reusability and recyclability. We urge our tenants to move towards a greener model by reducing the need for plastic as well as electricity.

The Food Box is Nestled in the beautiful Morningside Durban. It is positioned in the popular food centre of the  “031 ” also known as Durban. The area attracts both young and old foodies as well as employees located in the many office blocks situated in the surrounding area. The urban regeneration has seen an influx of tourists as well as trendy yuppies searching for the latest dining trends with a vast selection of bars, clubs, and eateries. This prime location is making waves amongst the food community. The Food Box has identified this opportunity, strategically positioning itself in a road facing building that can be seen by the passing urban explorer searching for their next great adventure.